Friday, February 19, 2016


                                                   Shi'ah Mosque in Kurdistan, Iraq

To many, the above topic needs no explanation. Linguistically, Mut’ah denotes pleasure and enjoyment, but in Shi’ah creed, it means Temporary Marriage where you pay a certain amount of money to a woman to sate your sexual appetite for a short time.

Al-Kafi, a collection of Shi’ah hadeeth, and one of the most important among four of such books, gave insight on the fiqh of Mut’ah in this weird ideology, which, in essence, advocates zinaa by other than its name; throwing to the dogs the genuine tenets of Islam of morality and chastity. Therefore, what will follow is not the position of real Islam, but an exposition of teachings from apocryphal ‘hadeeth’ in the Shi’ah creed on Mut’ah.

This so-called limited-period marriage has no provision for a divorce or inheritance in it. The woman does not have equal rights as do the stipulated one-to-four-wives allowed menfolk. “She is like a hired woman”; and the child out of such temporary sexual misadventure is not entitled to a share in the heritage of his supposed father.

In normal Islamic marriages, people must witness the contract, which has to be openly declared with the amount of the dowry paid so that those present could bear witness, and convey to others that the bridegroom consorts with his wife in a legal wedding, not debauchery. However, in Mut’ah there is no need for witnesses or open declarations. The two can arrange how long they intend to have coital intimacy and at what price, even “One fistful of wheat” suffices.

What is the period of waiting between one Mut’ah arrangement and another? In other words, how long is the period a woman can wait after finishing a temporary marriage with a man before she can go into another Mut’ah in the Shi’ah ideology? There is no ‘Iddah, waiting period, in Mut’ah. A woman can sleep with as many men as possible by contracting Mut’ah arrangements at quick successions, even on the same day. The least compensation she can receive from each ‘husband’ is ‘one dirham’ (i.e. 2.975 grams of silver, which is about NGN 500 today).

The cheaper the amount paid for Mut’ah the better, but where a woman gives herself free of charge a great recompense awaits her. One Shi’ah hadeeth in the book under discussion says:

For the woman who donates back her compensation to the person who contracts Mut’ah with her and for the woman who foregoes her dowry, Allah will reward her with 40,000 cities of light and 70,000 dresses of velvet and silk brocade…And Allah will reward her with 70,000 more dresses from Heaven for each quarter of a dirham she donates back… And for each quarter of a dirham, Allah will also assign 1,000 angels who will continue writing virtues in her account until the Day of Judgment.”

The man is also encouraged to make Mut’ah arrangements with as many girls as he desires, even if the number reaches one thousand, because they are ‘as hired girls’.

Therefore, according to their own revered scriptures, when you come across a beautiful damsel just contract Mut’ah; never mind that she could be a married woman, ‘an adulteress’, or a woman of lesser virtue. What is important is Mut’ah; just do it! Yes, the woman could be anybody - ‘a virgin, married, widowed’ and may profess any religion (Christianity, Judaism or Islam) - with the exception of a Majusiyyah (Magian); but where one is ‘helpless’ and in dire need, even a ‘Majusi’ woman will do.

A Mut’ah pimp, one who arranges ‘a man and woman’ to engage in temporary sexual pleasure, has equal reward like the ‘couple’ he brings together in Mut’ah (I am sure the irony is lost on them here. Indeed, they shall share in the recompense; it is just not the one they have in mind). And what is that reward? Whoever engages in ‘Mut’ah once’ Hellfire shall not touch him; on his second Mut’ah, he shall be elevated to the high position of virtuous inhabitants of Jannah; if he contracts his third Mut’ah, he shall be Prophet’s companion in Paradise. With Mut’ah, you can reach the position of the Prophet according to a Shi’ah hadeeth:

One who engages in Mut’ah once attains the status of Imam al-Hussain. One who engages in it twice becomes equal in status to Imam al-Hassan. The one who performs it three times reaches the position of Imam Ali. And he who practices it four times acquires the level and position [equal to that] of the Prophet.”

Moreover, every act of Mut’ah is rewarded, from the moment  he stretches out his hand to touch the woman, his every move during foreplay, copulation, and to the time ‘the two take a bath’, all is recorded for them as acts of virtue. In fact, their sins are shaved off their bodies ‘equal to the amount of hair’ on each one of them.

Why is anyone surprised at the large number of youth among the adherents of Shiism, with these types of teachings encouraging them into depraved sexual orgies and satisfying their carnal desires with multiple partners by paying peanuts or free of charge, in addition to the rewards they will garner in the Hereafter?

No doubt, you see the appeal to a young, virile and largely unschooled Muslim man or woman. He is too poor to contract a proper marriage; he has urges he knows cannot be satisfied through fornication and somehow, providence sends him a ‘Mallam’ with a huge turban and matching beard, telling him there is a ‘halaal’ way out. Then ‘Mallam’ gives him all the gobbledygook in their books as quoted above as actual means of drawing closer to his Lord. Surely, in his shoes, and given the same level of knowledge, you would fall into the same trap.


  1. Yes Sheikh, the crafty founders of this pervasive cult 'knew how to catch fish'. As they gathered at their nocturnal rendezvous, with Abdullahi Ibn Saba, the wily Jew, at the head of the table, they carefully figured out ALL the attractions of the people of hellfire. Then they concocted a religion that prescribes all those pervasions and made them ideals to be attained for salvation. That is why the conditions necessary to becoming a follower of this crazy religion are; first you have to be a moron, with empty head and second you have to exhibit all the traits of condemned criminals identified by the Qur'an. Those were the people Wheelbarrow man, Zakzaky, focused his attention, to after getting frustrated for years, with no single follower from the middle and upper classes of Norther cities who wise to his deceitful antics. He turned to the illiterate, poor and hungry rural dwellers, who now constitute over 70% of his followers. These are people who cannot clearly distinguish their right from their left. He found their heads empty and with the assistance of Persian Dollars, he mercilessly filled them with the junk ideology of Shiism. It is our duty, all of us Ahlussunah wal jamā'ah, to rescue these hapless citizens from the jaws of hell

  2. The question here, woman or man that practices Mut'at will they ever enjoy full marriage? The bound of marriage to raise good family is completely eroded.

  3. Salam. Ustaz your write up needs references. You only mentioned that your source is the Book of Alkafi. We need to know the Hadiths, their reporters and the page numbers so that we can ascertain the authenticity of your claim. I think that if professionalism in writing.
    Danladi Danjuma.

  4. I usually avoid sectarian issues because of their divisive nature

  5. One of the empty heads Iam talking about. When did the knowledge of Islam left the pages of the Qur'an and Hadiths to Wikipedia?