Thursday, February 6, 2014


Late Sheikh Albaniy

Starting this correspondence with Yaa Albaniy is a proclamation soaked between the agony of losing you and the celebration of what you have attained. Yaa Albaniy, therefore, is not the incantation of ahlul khuraafaat on their dead saints for the forgiveness of their sins or for bestowment of grace on them. It is not fitting for me to either ask you for the forgiveness of my sins or implore you to bestow grace on me because that was not what you taught. None forgives sins or bestows grace but Allah. That was what you taught.

Against shirk and bida’ you fought gallantly. Muslims must worship Allah with sincerity (Al-Bayyinah 98:5), and whoever wishes to meet his Lord, let him do righteous deeds, and associate none in the worship of his Lord (Al-Kahf 18:110). You have repeatedly quoted your namesake in his Ahkaamul Janaa’iz that ‘Verily, Allah only accepts the deeds that are done purely for Him, and are done for the sake of His Face.’ (an-Nasaa’ee). Thus, you worked hard in removing the shackles of ignorance by liberating people from serving fellow human beings to the freedom of offering service to Allah only, the True Lord of the people! That was what you taught.

Yaa Albaniy, the scene at your funeral was impressive; people kept coming from every direction to join the flood of mourners who personified what you taught on the etiquette of grieving the dead. The heavy grief darkened their faces, and their eyes reddened due to ceaseless flow of tears. Everybody was weeping silently - no wailing, no screaming, no hitting of the body and no tearing of clothes – respecting your desire as contained in your will, and calling to mind what you once read to them concerning the prohibition of these acts at the time of mourning. You said, reading the hadeeth of al-Bukhari, ‘He is not of us who hits the face, tears the clothes, and makes the calls of Jaahiliyyah.’ (Bukhari). Moreover, in another hadeeth from the same volume you once told them that ‘the eyes shed tears, the heart feels sad, but we only say things pleasing to our Lord.’ (Bukhari, Muslim and others). That was what you taught.

Thus, people did not allow the magnitude of the loss occasioned by your death to mar the significance of what you taught of patience at the peak of affliction. What you hear everywhere, and read on social media is innaa lillaahi, wa innaa ilayhi raaji’uun, To Allah we belong, and to Him will we return. (Al-Baqarah 2:155-157). ‘Indeed, patience should be displayed at the beginning of the affliction.’ That was what you taught.

Woe to the scoundrels and their minions who contrived your assassination! What have we done wrong to merit this level of aggression and violence? Your brother, and, Allah-willing, your predecessor to Al-Jannah, Sheikh Ja’far was killed leading the Muslims in Fajr Prayer. You were killed after delivering your daily lessons on the hadeeth of the Messenger of Allah (SAW). So, what exactly is the problem of these villains? Do they want us to stop saying the daily prayers, or to cease from conveying Allah’s messages to His servants? By killing you, they have paved the way for a shahaadah unprecedented in the history of Islam in Nigeria. Out of the 21 signs of a good end at the time of death that you taught, and even said that dying with any of them constitutes a very glad tidings for a deceased, Allah has granted you not one but seven out of these 21 signs of a good end.

1-    The first bullet that hit your hand was in your attempt to protect your family. Those who said you were dragged out of the car did not know what exactly happened. They did not know that you actually came out of the car to defend your family. As if to say, ‘If you are after me, I’m here; leave my family out of it.’ You have read this hadeeth in the past to your students: ‘…he who is killed while defending his family is a Shaheed (martyr)…’ (Ahmad)
2-    When you came out of the car you tried, in self-defence, to subdue one of the assassins but they kept shooting at you until you fell down. For, as you have read, the Prophet (SAW) has said, ‘…he who is killed defending his blood (person) is a Shaheed…’ (Abu Dawud) He also said, just as you taught it to the world that, ‘He who is killed while resisting an oppression against him is a Shaheed.’ ( reported by Ahmad and authenticated by your namesake)
3-    You were killed for no other reason than your da’wah activities, propagating the deen and trying to make people follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) who said, ‘…he who is killed defending his deen is Shaheed…’ (an-Nasaa’ee)
4-    Another sign of a Shaheed as you taught your students was dying while doing a good deed. You were at the peak of enhancing your Islamic Centre, the Darul Hadeethis Salafiyyah, where you have been expounding the teachings of Muhammad (SAW) to this Ummah, and then suddenly the assassins’ bullets hit you. I called to mind some of the hadeeths you explained to your audience: ‘Every servant will be resurrected upon the same thing upon which he died.’ (Muslim and others). You also read, ‘When Allah wills good for a servant of His, He purifies him: He directs him to doing a good deed before death, so that those around him are pleased with him. He (Allah) then takes away his life while he is doing it.’ (Reported by Ahmad, authenticated by your namesake)
5-    On one of your recordings on funeral rites you mentioned this hadeeth, ‘Whenever four (Muslims) testify on behalf of a (dead) Muslim, Allah will let him into Jannah.’ (Bukhari). You also read, ‘Any Muslim who dies and four of his closest neighbours testify that they only know good about him, Allah says, “I accept your testimony, and forgive that which you do not know (about him).’ (Reported by ibn Hibbaan, and authenticated by your namesake). In your case, I am not speaking of four or a thousand people; I refer to the testimony of millions around the world who rehearsed your good deeds and prayed Allah to forgive and have mercy on!
6-    You asked for Shahaadah and Allah gave it to you in the frontline of propagating His deen, just as you once taught your students, ‘He who sincerely asks Allah for shahaadah, Allah will grant him the levels of martyrs, even if he dies in bed.’ (Reported by Muslim). Allah granted you shahaadah not in your bed but in the battlefield of Islamic propagation. Allah shall also grant you ample favours as contained in the hadeeth you passionately taught your students: ‘A Shaheed is awarded seven favours by Allah: he is forgiven with the first gush of blood, shown his position in Jannah, protected from the torment of the grave, saved from the Great Fear (on Judgement Day), adorned with the adornments of imaan, married to al-Hurul ‘een (fair women of Jannah), and allowed to intercede for seventy of his relatives.’ (Reported by at-Tirmidhi, and authenticated by your namesake).
7-    Your wife and son died instantly. Those who came to the scene of the carnage were hoping that you would survive so they tried to take you to the hospital. You kept saying the kalimah – laa’ilaaha lillaah, laa’ilaaha lillaah, laa’ilaaha lillaah – until you breathed your last….just as stated in one of your favourite hadeeths where the Messenger of Allah said, ‘He whose last words are ‘laa’ilaaha lillaah’ will enter Jannah.’ (al-Haakim and others)

Yaa Albaniy, everything about your funeral was done in line with what you taught and made explicit in your will, from washing of your body to internment. The process was simple, fast, no flowers decorated your bier or grave, no letter was give you to deliver to Allah as some people do, and no chanting of poetry or reading of the Qur’an in groups for you to get the reward – nothing of the kind. That was what you taught.

The procession to the graveyard was peaceful. People were only trying to have Allah’s reward by carrying the bier or helping its easy movement. Alhamdu lillaah, nobody tried to touch your corpse and rub his hands on his face and body afterwards in order to get any blessing from it. Everything was done strictly according to the Sunnah and practice of the Salafus Saalih. That was what you taught.

Yaa Albaniy, you created a separate identity for yourself outside the realm of some of our so-called Sunni scholars who only give lectures, quarrel with one another over leadership and distribution of government largesse. They defect from Kaduna faction to Jos faction and vice versa, as politicians do nowadays from one party to another. Do not even mention those of them implicated in poisoning a colleague. You were not like them. The media righty described you as The Leader of Salafiyyah Movement in Nigeria. You did not stop at giving lectures – everybody could do that – you taught fathomless books, from cover to cover, to your students; only real scholars could do that. Above all, you tried to put what you taught into practice without minding the blame of any blamer. That was what you taught.

We are indeed saddened by your departure Yaa Albaniy! May Allah forgive and shower His mercy on you, your wife and son.


  1. Inna lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihim Rajiun!

  2. The injustice and brutality of these sad events can only reinforce our belief in Allah (SWT), his Messenger (pbuh) and the last day, as the perpetrators will be held to account.
    We pray that Allah SWT will grant mercy to all those in the Ummah that have been unjustly denied by “man” of their God given lives. We also pray that Allah will give the victims light in their graves and Aljannah Firdousi as their final resting place.
    We also beseech Allah SWT to give us the courage not be intimidated but to continue to encourage what is right and discourage what is wrong, as demonstrated in the sunnah of our Prophet and the righteous example of this good Muslim brother.

  3. Mallam, jazakumullahu khairan and may Allah forgive Sheikh Albany, grant him all you have written and raise more erudite ulama for us, amin!

  4. Indeed it is a great loss to ummah. The most disturbing thing is that, at many times the killers go unidentified and unpunished. If this is the type of democracy many people are expecting in the country, I rather have a military government where the likes of Late Abacca will lead. That way, at least there will be security. Today we have lost it all. Oh my dear country; all negativities are apparent and the positivity is no more. As for Mal. Albaniy, I am happy for him because he has left to meet his lord while the lord is happy with him (from all indications).

  5. may Allah grant him aljannah firdaus, his wife and sons